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A Day at Walter Reed Hospital

Just north of Washington, D.C., stands Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a place renowned for providing exceptional care to our nation's brave heroes and veterans. This year, I was able to walk the halls of Walter Reed as Mrs. American. On this memorable day, I devoted my time to connecting with cancer patients, talking with veterans, nurses and physicians and hopefully bringing a little joy and hope to those fighting their battles with unwavering strength.

As I stepped into the hospital, the Chief of Staffs warm greeting immediately captivated me. Clad in a kelley green dress and my Mrs. American crown and sash I was honored to visit room after room hearing the stories of today's heroes. The hospitals leadership warmly welcomed me and expressed their gratitude for my commitment to supporting the patients' journey to recovery.

Throughout my visit, I personally met with cancer patients in the John P. Murtha Cancer Center, understanding the importance of human connection in their healing process. It was important to me to listen to their stories, struggles, and aspirations the same as many did for me during my journey three years ago. An atmosphere with a fellow cancer patient and now survivor tends to create trust, allowing patients to open up about their experiences and allowing me to cherish the moments they are giving to me.

As I sat with patients, I was able to share my own journey of overcoming adversity and challenges in life. I pray that my personal anecdotes of resilience and triumph resonated with those battling cancer, and hopefully offered them a source of strength and motivation. I try to share stories of hope and highlight the significance of cherishing each moment, embracing support, and finding courage even in the face of uncertainty. However, like many of my visits with the brave I always leave with far more given to me then BY me and for that I am grateful.

My visit to Walter Reed as Mrs. American left an indelible mark on me by both patients and staff. I pray that each patient I visited know that they are not alone in their fight and as a patriot I stand and pray with them.

The day I spent as Mrs. American at Walter Reed Hospital will be remembered by me for years to come and I am grateful for the honor and privilege to have spent a day with those that exemplify what it means to be brave.


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