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A Farewell in Blush Pink: Honoring My Fellow Breast Cancer Warriors

As the curtains drew closed on my journey as Mrs. American, I found myself reflecting on a path that's been defined by strength, resilience, and unbreakable spirit. Last evening, I stepped onto the Elvis stage at @westgatevegas one more time wearing this blush pink gown, not just to bid my farewell, but to pay tribute to my fellow breast cancer warriors who've stood with me every step of the way and who I was and always will be a fierce advocate for.

This stage one year ago was where my journey as a national advocate for breast cancer began, and it's far from over. This gown, in its delicate hue, symbolizes the soft yet unyielding power that emanates from within. It reminds me of the countless battles fought, the victories celebrated, and the camaraderie that has formed the backbone of our fight.

To all the courageous warriors who've faced the daunting challenge of breast cancer, this gown represents our collective strength. It's a promise that our fight is far from finished. As I bid adieu to this pageant chapter, I step forward with renewed determination, knowing that our voices, our stories, and our passion will continue to make an impact. Thank you for allowing me to be a face for you all on a national stage representing thriving and feeling beautiful after breast cancer!

Here's to the battles won, the stories shared, and the future that holds the promise of a world without breast cancer. I'm not just saying goodbye to a crown; I'm embracing the road ahead, one that's lit by the beacon of hope and with myself holding the light as we forge forward together.

With love and unwavering resolve,

The Blonde Bombshell


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