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God Sends Angels and Messengers- Don't Miss Them!

Updated: Feb 4

With the pandemic, the lockdowns and most of the insane precautions seemingly going away for the most part- businesses are beginning to do things "normal" again…well at least in the South. I was able to attend a conference for work this past week in Georgia for GHPCO. It felt so good after these past few years to finally feel like the world has not just stopped and somehow we now have to live this new “normal” which is not normal at all or ok with me. I have no doubt that going through breast cancer in a "normal" world would be tough but breast cancer in a Covid world seemed to take the cake (a cake I never want to eat again). Everything from no chemo visitors to no hospital visitors to wearing a mask while getting poison injected in an IV into your body (which seemed insane for so many reasons. Nonetheless- it was my breast cancer reality.

For those of you that know me you would know that I love being the center of attention and to be able to feel like the world has stopped just for me- well that would not be so bad, right?!?! However, In the case of a global pandemic- not so much. I longed for normal in so many areas of my life. So getting back to work and being around people at conferences with smiling faces and no masks was just what I needed- heck its just what we ALL need.

If you have ever attended a conference with vendor booths you know that there usually is an exhibit hall or main area where you can walk through and learn all you wanted to know about things pertaining to that conference from all the businesses sponsoring the event. Usually each booth has a fun goodie or SWAG (Stuff We All Get) they are each giving away to lure you over to trap you for 5 minutes of your life you will never get back so that you can learn about something you will never use. Usually the SWAG are things like pens or mints and if you are really lucky you get fun things like stuffed animals you can bring home to your kiddos and they think you are AMAZING…while they overlook the weird tshirt on the bear or elephant advertising VIAGRA or some other product proudly being displayed at the conference. But hey you win MOM OF THE YEAR because you brought it home. WINNER WINNER!!

As most of you know that I work in hospice care so at a conference for clinical staff for hospice care (that’s right…try being diagnosed with cancer and work in this setting for fun anxiety filled days!) the vendors can get quite interesting. This year we had 2 body donation vendors and a few funeral directors- yep...breast cancer PTSD, working in hospice and then see BODY DONATION vendors and funeral directors at your events. Dear Lord please don't let this be a sign But rather just a test in mental strength! I have to say though these vendors do make for super interesting conversations and SWAG! Needless to say I would discuss body donations for hours if it meant I had REAL human interaction in a business setting again. So that is what I did...but little did I know God would send me the best conversation right at the start.

Going into this conference I packed up all the things for our booth and headed to Athens for a few days. I was excited to see people I worked with and one of my former colleagues who I adore would be attending as well. I got up early and got ready for a day of smiling and talking to everyone- as an extrovert this is my love language! That morning I came downstairs at the UGA conference center and began to put out the goodies and all the marketing materials at our booth along with all of the other vendors. A few “good mornings” were exchanged but mostly everyone was busy putting their own SWAG out. As I too was busy setting up, I heard a sweet voice say "Oh my goodness you are the blonde bombshell." It took me a minute to really comprehend what she was saying and why and where that name came from in this setting. It did not seem to add up in hospice (I guess it’s more my alter ego) and all of these thoughts were rushing through my mind in the split second it took me to look up to see who was saying it. I looked up and saw a beautiful lady standing in front of me at the booth that was directly next to mine (of course because Gods good like that). As she pulled her mask down her eyes filled with tears and she said "I cant believe its you. I follow your blog and so does my friend" and she began to quote my favorite quote from my blog and the WLTX interview I gave- "Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life, for you to find the David within you." I instantly hugged her and could not believe someone recognized me from my blog...I mean I am not trying to brag but I feel like after this interaction we can now all agree I can relate to the Kardashians now (wink wink) And my name starts with a “K” so just sayin…

If you have been reading my blog you know I talk about Love notes from God especially in my journey and what a love note from GOD this was!

What an amazing moment that God allowed me to have with Amy. This was such a humbling moment and a beautiful love note from Him to let me know I am making a difference. It was a moment to know that the storm I went through and the many days I still have the repercussions from the storm - that He is still with me and in each step- each post- each breath is for HIM and to glorify HIM. My breast cancer fight was not alone- my purpose is laid out in front of me...and He used this sweet earthly angel in Amy to tell me - keep going- you are making a difference.

So sweet friends…What is your purpose? You have one. We each have one. Sometimes it takes until you are older to find it...but it is there. Today I challenge you to look back on the storms in your life and ask GOD to show you your purpose and then live it ladies!! Be BOLD- LIVE BOLD and look for the angels He sends to show you.


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