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Mrs. American 2022

Updated: May 17

Hey gorgeous! It has been a minute since I have posted but I like to think I have had a good excuse. The last we chatted I was just finished with the Mrs. American pageant in fabulous Las Vegas at the Westgate Resort where I would come in First Runner Up. Well, what you don't know is that God was not done with that portion of my life and as He claims- truth always prevails.

One month after the Mrs. American pageant I was crowned the rightful winner after a disqualification of the previous contestant. As heartbreaking as it was to know I would not have my crowning moment on that stage nor have the photos or that feeling of being crowned with the support and love of my family in the audience I knew that just like with everything God has a plan and for some reason this was mine. I have had a wonderful journey so far with so much love from my fellow sister contestants who were the first to congratulate me and support me. This is the true sisterhood of this world and the true prize at the end of the day.

Each time I place that gorgeous crown on my head and wear the words across my body of MRS.AMERICAN I am reminded why I am in this place in my life and that is because of the journey I went through and the voice I have for survivors and warriors like each one of you. It will be honor to have this role this year and be able to participate in so many events and meet so many wonderful people. As an Army wife knowing I represent my country is an honor like no other and knowing I represent the warriors like you all is the most amazing gift I have been given.

I can not wait to tell you about what I have been up to and how after being told a month after the American pageant that I was the winner I only had several weeks to prepare to go to Mrs. World. Still to this day I have to stop and take a breath at how far I have come. It was three years ago this month that my husband was deployed to the middle east and three years ago next month I would receive my breast cancer diagnosis. And just think...Three years almost to the day that I stood on the Mrs. World stage I would be having a double mastectomy. Now tell me God is not in the details. No one could have written this story any better and I am thankful and honored to be the one He chose to carry your story, your needs, your challenges and your journey to the world. Stay tuned to hear about my journey to Mrs. World and how each one of you were a part of it.


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