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Mrs. Capital City America 2022

Updated: Feb 4

Hey girl hey! I am so sorry I have been MIA for a bit but I am back and ready to update you all on what is new with the Blonde Bombshell. As you know dear ones, I am a fierce advocate for women with breast cancer but more than just surviving breast cancer...thriving AFTER breast cancer and that is the reason for this post tonight. Here it is April 2022- I have just celebrated my 2 year "secondchanceversary" on March 26 (I will post an entire post on the meaning behind this name and why celebrating this day is actually hard) but for this post I am focusing on what I have been up to lately and what thriving looks like in my world right now.

I left off with a video of my Buddy Call feature with Darci Strickland on WLTX. It was on that video you can see that I am wearing a crown and a sash (eeekkkkk). For those of you that know me that would NOT seem odd for me to don this attire because you all know I love a good crown and would jump at any chance to rock one. However, this crown actually has some real meaning behind it! I am thrilled to share the news with you my Blonde Bombshell Beauts that on June 25 I will be competing in the Mrs. South Carolina America pageant!! What an honor! Having been selected as Mrs. Capital City America 2022 ,means that I am representing the beautiful Capital City here in South Carolina.

So here is the crazy the part...I did not grow up in the pageant world so this is all fairly new to me. So why Mrs. South Carolina??? GIRL WHY NOT?!?! Lets be real honest- life after cancer is surreal. Everything is the same and yet nothing is the same. I have breasts but they are not my own. I still have normal over 40 aches and pains at night but now instead of popping a Tylenol and falling asleep I now fear it could be a reoccurrence. I workout to stay healthy but now I work out because of joint pain from my chemo meds. Life is just different while remaining the same for those all around me. I have scars that remind me everyday of the storm I went through. It has taken me awhile to realize that these scars do not define me. I wear them as a warrior badge of honor. It is these scars that remind me of my second chance. It is these scars that have given me a platform to make a difference. It is these scars that I will wear under my evening gown and swimsuit at this pageant as I stand proudly as a survivor and represent the married women of the Palmetto State.

There is no better stage to share my journey and to give a voice to all those that have endured this same disease and give hope to those that will then the Mrs. South Carolina stage. With 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer there should be more of us competing in beauty contests and showing everyone that the storms may slow us down, heck some of them beat us down but as God promises...after the storm there is the rainbow. It is with the storm at our back and the rainbow shining on our face that we rise up and boldly press on. We may be changed forever but we rise with a story - a genuine story- one that has the potential to inspire many to live boldly and celebrate being beautiful after cancer. This is me thriving in 2022 and I am so excited!

I would love your support and your cheers (and prayers for walking in these 6.5 inch heels) on June 25, 2022 as I compete for this honor of representing the Palmetto State! If you would like to sponsor my journey I would love to add your name or company logo to my list of sponsors in the pageant program and on social media- just reach out to me and we will make it happen. Also please follow me on instagram @mrscapitalcity2022. In the meantime- if you are going through this storm - start planning your secondchanceversary and be ready because you too have a story- find your platform and be bold!!


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