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Mrs. World or All American Girl?

Updated: May 17

It is so surreal to type the words MRS WORLD in the title. I never dreamed even as a perfectly healthy woman I would be competing at Mrs. World let alone as a survivor having undergone a double mastectomy. It was not long after being crowned Mrs. American that I was back at it and gearing up to go compete at Mrs. World- 45 days in fact. Getting ready to compete is one of my favorite things. I get to meet with my pageant coach, Cyrus Frakes (yes, the same one from the reality show THE KING OF THE CROWN), I get to pick out my wardrobe again, choose a national costume and get ready to meet 60 beautiful women from all over the world.

I have to admit that this was a much different experience then Mrs. American. And I have to admit that though winning Mrs. World would be epic there was a part of me perfectly content with being Mrs. American. Maybe it is the patriot in me or maybe it's being an Army wife but whatever it is my love for our country runs deep and wearing the title of Mrs. American is one I am immensely so proud of. I knew that no matter the outcome at Mrs. World I got to bring my story and your story to the global not just national stage. That was the biggest prize of all.

Spoiler alert- I was not crowned Mrs. World. I did come back to South Carolina still Mrs. American and ready to continue my year with the most amazing title of all and representing the country I love. But at Mrs. World I was able to share my story, talk about this blog and share how my passion is to help others that are going through or have gone through breast cancer. I just am not a Mrs. World kind if girl- I like to think of myself as ALL AMERICAN!

I wanted to write this post to update each of you on what has been going on lately and it is important because we all have our calling and that calling may stop short of what we think it should be. Mine was not to wear the crown of Mrs. World. It was to represent my country and the women in it. That is an exciting thing to recognize. It is an important part of life to realize your purpose and the boundaries that purpose has around it. That does not mean you can't go far in your own calling in fact in many instances if you remain true to your purpose you will go further. However, it does mean that you are on a very defined road for your journey. Keep your eyes fixed on that road and you will be blessed far more than anything you can ever imagine.


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