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The Pink Crown Platform

Updated: Feb 4

20 days until the pageant and yesterday was a glorious day! It was National Breast Cancer Survivors Day. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to post a short video on my Mrs. Capital City Instagram about the day and the blonde bombshell and the platform it has allowed me. As you know, this blog and my platform is all about thriving and feeling beautiful after breast cancer. As a survivor I kept feeling pulled away from the typical pink ribbon as a symbol. It was then I discovered the blonde bombshell pink crown for survivors...let me tell you all about it.

When I entered the Mrs. South Carolina pageant I knew I had a platform that was genuine, real and most of all authentic. That is not to say that other things we are passionate about are not authentic if we did not live it but I strongly believe in cases of storms in our lives that having been through it adds a level of compassion, empathy and sincerity that can not be found if you are an outsider. Do not get me wrong, cancer is something that we all have been effected by. Usually because a loved one was diagnosed or in many cases someone we know passed from it. I lost grandparents to this awful disease and have loved ones that have battled their own cancer battles and won. Before I was diagnosed, I had empathy for each of these amazing people and heartache for those that did not win their battle but it was not until I was diagnosed that I truly understood it and felt the raw emotions that cancer brings to your life and felt the pain of all it tries to take from you. It was during this time of "PTSD" and waking up at midnight with every ache and pain fearful that cancer would return that I realized my purpose was to give back and show that grace during cancer and thriving after cancer was a possibility for all survivors and we are all in this together.

During my breast cancer journey, I was given more pink ribbons on things, in things and made out of things then I could count. I had scarves, cups, earrings, t-shirts, pens and pins and believe it or not I began to despise the sight of a pink ribbon. Why? Because it was a constant reminder of the disease I had and all the fear that comes along with it. It was a constant reminder of those that lost their battle. Now, do not get me wrong, I very much appreciate Susan G. Koemen Foundation and all of the research and money this organization has provided for breast cancer awareness and research. However, as a survivor I do not feel the ribbon represents me the same way it did as a someone diagnosed and in treatment. I battled hard and I won. I felt I graduated beyond the ribbon- as survivors we all have. That is why I adopted the pink crown as my symbol- as the survivors symbol. I wear a pink crown on my sash and any time I speak about my journey. The crown has 5 points to create the acronym F.A.I.T.H.

F- Fearless- As breast cancer survivors we have gone through it all. The fear at times can be overwhelming but we drive through it. It is in that drive that we actually become quite FEARLESS in our journey. You are a warrior! Own it GIRL!

A - Authentic- This journey takes you from who you always have been to someone new. That is not always bad. Just as the bible talks about refining in the fire our lives are that way in the fire as well. Each one of us comes out of that differently and perfect. It is important to be authentic to who you have become.

I - Inspire- If breast cancer ever gives you anything it is a chance to inspire those around you. Be bold and share your story both for you and for those women around you that need to hear it.

T - Thrive- This one is my favorite. This is what the Blonde Bombshell is all about. Thriving and feeling beautiful after breast cancer. Life may seem different, your body may look different and Lord knows you feel different. But it is all about learning to thrive in your new self and feel beautiful and confident!

H - Honor- This is all about honoring God and what he brought you through. Honoring your journey and where you are. Honoring the 1 in 8 that will come after you. And most of all honoring the ones that lost their battle. You have been given a wonderful gift- use it well dear ones and SHINE and wear that pink crown PROUDLY!


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